St. Basil

St. Basil Orthodox Church
                          Franklin Square, NY

 St. Basil, Our Patron Saint

St. Basil The Great, a great theologian in early history, was born in 329 A.D. in Caesarea, the capital of Cappadocia, in Asian Minor. Many of his family members are honored as saints. His grand mother St. Macrina the Elder, his father St. Basil the Elder and mother St. Emmelia, his brothers St. Gregory of Nyssa and St. Peter of Sebaste and his sister St. Macrina the younger.

He studied at Constantinople and later in Athens. One of his fellow students and close friend was another young Cappadocian, St. Gregory Nazianzen. They together with Gregory of Nyssa were known as the trio of Cappadocian doctors of the church. St. Basil traveled through the monastic centers of the east, Middle East and Mesopotamia to study the monastic life. Then he returned and founded his own way of monastic life which is still followed by all the monks of the Eastern Orthodox Churches and by some Catholic monks of the Byzantine rite. St. Basil only lived for five years as monk in his monastery.

In the year 370 he became archbishop of Caesarea. He defended the church against persecution with unflinching courage and great intellectual power. He was a highly regarded scholar. His intellectual writings and way of monastic life made him a legend in early Christian history. He died at the age of 49 on January 1st, 379. Our church celebrates his feast on the first day of January every year


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