St. Thomas

St. Basil Orthodox Church
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St. Thomas

St. Thomas was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. Writers and historians from the 4th century refer to the work of Apostle Thomas in India and we ascribe the origin of our Church to him in the 1st century.

It is believed that St. Thomas arrived in Cranganore, Kerala, preached Gospel and baptized people. Kerala had trade connections with the Mediterranean and west Asian countries during those times. This may be the reason for St. Thomas to choose that part of India for his evangelistic work. Kerala was ruled by Kings at that time. During the two decades St. Thomas spent in India, he converted few prominent families of the time and established churches at seven places; Maliankara, Palur, Paravur, Gokkamangalam, Niranam, Chayal and Quilon.

He assigned Prelates and Priests and continued his journey to spread the word of Christ. He is believed to have martyred at Mylapore, near Madras, India in 72 A.D. The descendants of St. Thomas known as St. Thomas Christians flourished and there are 7 million Christians in the state today including Orthodox Church with 2 million people.

St. Thomas the Apostle