Marth Mariam

St. Basil Orthodox Church
                          Franklin Square, NY


St. Mary’s Women’s League (Marth Mariam Samajam) is a spiritual organization for the women members of the parish. They meet on the first Saturday of every month in the church, after evening prayer. Vicar, Rev. Fr. Thomas Paul, presides over the meeting and provides the spiritual leadership. The meeting starts with prayer followed by songs, Bible reading, Bible study and discussions. Attendees eagerly take part in the discussion and share thoughts, ideas and experiences.
During the 15 days lent in August, members of the Samajam observe an annual retreat and contribute the money saved from fasting for Charity works which include helping needy families in India. These women take a significant part in the spiritual growth of the church. Members enthusiastically participate and take initiative in church choir and services. These dedicated women also visit fellow family members when they are in need. Samajam members, also actively participate in all diocesan level activities and charity work.