Student Movement

St. Basil Orthodox Church
                          Franklin Square, NY

The unit of the MGOCSM (Mar Gregorios Orthodox Student Movement) in our church is very active. Boys and girls in senior High School classes and junior college classes are the members of this unit. They meet once every month, engaging in Bible study, prayer and singing hymns. Through various charitable activities their presence is conspicuous in the church and community through out the year. They conduct regular blood drives which draw hundreds of donors in an effort to save many precious lives. They also conduct events like ‘Bake Sale’ through which they generate substantial amount of cash to help the poor children in their education by giving a helping hand to achieve their aspiring dreams. They leave a very visible trace of their enthusiasm in church at events like Christmas, Perunal, Easter or any other special occasions by beautifully decorating the church interior. Members of MGOCSM are proud of their faith, heritage and tradition and are the true promises of tomorrow.


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