Youth Movement

St. Basil Orthodox Church
                          Franklin Square, NY

The Youth Movement consists of energetic and dynamic youth of the Parish population is the ‘ready to serve army’ in the church. They meet once every month, engaging in Bible study, prayer, singing hymns and debate where they open dialogues on subjects or current events matter to the church.


This youth group swing into action swiftly when a calamity hits anywhere in the globe whether it is the famine in Haiti or the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Their noble efforts like handing over a truck load of canned food to Haiti and financial help to relief organizations were lauded by civic organizations in the community and made news in the local news papers for inspiring the youth outside of the church too. The ‘Walkathon’ march by the youth to help the cancer victims was a silver lining in the cloud for the distressed leukemia patients.

The members families are very close knit and they find time to organize vacation trips and spend time together as a measure to increase the fellowship and enrich the family values. Their input is vital at various occasions in church particularly in the Holy week. Our youth, as mentors for the youngsters and serving soldiers for the church, do constantly work together to uplift the glory of our Lord through their noble activities.